Tomb of Ruth and Jesse – Great-Grandmother and Father of King David

The tomb of Ruth and Yishai

For generations Jewish people have visited the Tomb of Ruth and Jesse. Today, the refurbished site attracts thousands, especially on Shavuot. The tomb of Jesse and Ruth is the ancient site that marks the burial locations of the father and great-grandmother of King David. Some archaeologists believe the site may be connected to King David … Read more

The Purchase of Maarat Hamachpela: A Guide for Acquisition

Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

The purchase of the Cave of the Machpela, as the first land purchase in the Land of Israel, is used by our sages as the prototype for the Laws of Acquisition. Our sages point out that the lesson of the Torah story of the purchase describes four different methods by which land can be acquired. … Read more

Tel Hebron Archaeological Park and Admot Ishay-Tel Rumeida Neighborhood

Ancient Mikveh at Tel Hebron

Tel Hebron is an ancient archaeological site and a residential neighborhood in city of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Tel Hebron is an ancient archaeological site and a residential neighborhood in Hebron. The residential section is referred to as Admot Ishai and consists of several caravan style homes and the Beit Menachem building. Located within the … Read more

New Archeology Discovered in Tel Hebron

Im Tirtzu college student organization pose on the steps of the Ma'arah HaMachepela (Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs)

Just in time for Parshat Chayei Sarah, archaeologists uncover ancient mikvah, Jewish house in Hebron.  (Photo: Veteran Jewish community leader joins group in Hebron.) The Tel Hebron (Tel Hevron) / Admot Yishai neighborhood continues to reveal a treasure trove of archaeological artifacts dating back thousands of years. The most recent excavations were once again conducted … Read more