Parshat Chayei Sarah

Parshat Chayei Sarah

Join The Hebron Fund this year for Parshat Chayei Sarah in Hebron, November 22/23 2019, For more information and to register click here or contact us at 718-677-6886 or Early-Bird Deadline Extended Monday, Nov 4th! Every year, on Parshat Chayei Sarah, the Sabbath on which Jews read the Bible portion describing the death and … Read more

Can Settlers and Arabs Find Peace in Hebron? – Conversation with Sheikh Farid al-Jabari

peace in hebron

In this video, Sheikh Farid al-Jabari speaks openly about the current political situation in Hebron. As a Muslim leader, this Sheikh speaks the truth about the eternal connection between the Jewish People and Hebron and insists that the Palestinians do not have a right to this city. “The Palestinian anarchists of Hebron cause the greater … Read more

Get a glimpse into the preparation of the Isaac Hall for Slichot prayers

preparing for prayer

Despite the fact that the founding fathers and mothers of the Jewish people, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebekkah and Jacob & Leah are buried in the Cave, Jews, Christians and non-Muslims are restricted from visiting and praying by the Tombs of Isaac and Rebekkah all but 10 days a year. This video shows Jewish … Read more

“I just wanted to bury my son in the Hebron cemetery.” – Sarah Nachshon

Hebron burial

Hebron resident Sarah Nachshon recalls the tragic death of her infant son and her unwavering determination to see him buried in the ancient cemetery in Hebron.   Sarah Nachshon was denied permission to bury her child in the Jewish cemetery in Hebron, but she was not deterred. She took matters into her own hands, picked … Read more

Katie Hopkins in Israel: Why Jewish youth flock to Hebron from around the world

Kate Hopkins in Israel

Jews have been living in Hebron for 3,800 years and view themselves of the “knights of the Cave of the Patriarchs.” Yishai Fleisher, the Hebron Jewish community Spokesperson, states that the Jews are indigenous to Hebron.   The word Hebron comes from the Hebrew word for friend or beloved connection. Hebron is an enduring symbol … Read more

History of Wholesale Market in Hebron

(PHOTO: A copy of the 1807 deed and other historic photos are displayed on the walls of the empty Mitzpe Shalhevet building. Temporary tables and chair are set up for the Shabbat Chayei Sarah weekend.)

Purchased in 1807, the neighborhood may finally be redeveloped after a controversial expulsion. It began in modern times with the murder of a baby. The incessant shooting attacks from the Abu Sneinah hills into the Jewish neighborhoods of Hebron eventually led to a sniper shooting a 10-month-old. It was then the Jewish residents began to … Read more