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June 8 1967/ 29 of Iyar – Hebron was liberated
We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hebron’s liberation and honor both the heroes of the past, and the modern day heroes who are living in Hebron. Thanks to their selfless devotion Hebron is accessible to all who wish to visit and connect there.

You too can become a Hero of Hebron!
Your financial support props up the members of the Jewish community of Hebron and ensures the continuity of a constant Jewish presence in the second holiest city in the world.
Become an honorary citizen of Hebron today and receive your special limited-edition 50th anniversary medallion.

Each medallion comes protected in a visible capsule, and is inserted into a beautiful velvet Jewelry box.
The medallions are uniquely numbered. Only 1,000 bronze,1,000 silver and 1,000 gold medallions will be minted. Don’t delay!

For $500 you will receive the bronze edition of the 50th medallion along with a letter from the Mayor of Hebron, both of which can be displayed to show others that you stand with Hebron and your honorary citizenship!
For $1000 you will receive the upgraded silver edition of the 50th medallion.
For $1800 you will receive the upgraded gold edition of the 50th medallion.

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To dedicate in honor/memory of, please include this information in the comments section. If you would like to: donate in other currencies; transfer shares of stock; remember Hebron in your bequest/will; or need any other assistance, please call the Hebron Fund office at (718) 677-6886 or email info@hebronfund.org

The Hebron Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit; Tax ID#11-2623719. Your contribution is tax-deductible less medallion value at current spot metal rates

If you wish to receive the original or the original silver medallion in-lieu of the limited edition 50th anniversary medallion please indicate that in the comments section of the donation form.
*please allow 14 business days for deliver


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