Soldier Rest Area

Soldier Refreshment and Rest Area (Pina Chama)

After their morning mission to keep the peace, there’s nothing like cold drinks, coffee, and snacks in a safe relaxing spot. The Soldier Rest Area provides a shady and much appreciated place for the hard working chayalim (soldiers) of Hebron to re-charge. Please help us keep this important space open and available to the soldiers.

Mark a special occasion or Yahrtzeit, while helping the soldiers of Hebron. Your dedication wording and loved one’s name will be displayed on the plaque in the rest area, and we will send you a picture to remember your gift.

Please include your dedication in the comments section of the donation form.

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To dedicate in honor/memory of, please include this information in the comments section. If you would like to: donate in other currencies; transfer shares of stock; remember Hebron in your bequest/will; or need any other assistance, please call the Hebron Fund office at (718) 677-6886 or email