Ensuring a Jewish Presence in Hebron




With the global Covid-19 situation, many people are in need of blessings of healing, protection, and livelihood. While attendance and accessibility are limited in synagogues and houses of worship around the world, the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron remains opened to Hebron residents (under strict guidlines from the Ministry of Health) who have taken it upon themselves to pray on your behalf .

Hebron’s Jewish Community is committed to maintaining a stream of prayers from around the world flowing through the traditional prayer site at the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah.

Please use the form below for your prayer to be included.

In addition, we can also say the Yahrtzeit kaddish (the memorial prayer on the anniversary of your loved ones passing). Please fill out the form below and include the anniversary date in the comments.


May all our prayers be answered fully and speedily. Blessings from Hebron.

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This prayer initiative is provided 100% FREE
Please tell your friends and family so we may include them.
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