Hebron Plus Tour

Join us for a special Hebron Plus Tour!

Have you been to Hebron many times and think you’ve seen it all?
Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum has designed a tour especially for returning visitors.

In the past some of the following sites have been included:

  • Short stop at Gush Etzion- bus stop of kidnapped boys
  • Meet the Ariel Family (parents of 13 year old Hallel Ariel hy”d)
  • Hear personal stories from local resident Tzippy Schlissel (Rav Kook’s great-granddaughter)
  • Visit local artists and business owners of Hebron
  • See Ma’ayan Avraham, an ancient Mikvah in Hebron
  • Visit Modern Day section of the Ancient Cemetery
  • Enjoy the 4D Movie Experience in the newly renovated Hebron museum
  • See new archaeological discoveries.

All this in addition to stop at Kever Rachel , Mincha at Ma’arat HaMachpela and lunch at the Gutnick Center.

Please indicate in the ‘details’ field on the tour registration form that you are a returning visitor and we will alter the tour to accommodate you with a new site!

Hebron Plus tour
new excavation Hebron

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